Friday, January 27, 2012

Gun Care

by Adam Brassfield - Pro Staff Contributor

Every hunting season, most hunters clean their gun once or twice. Some hunters only hunt on weekends, due to work schedules, some only hunt vacations, due to family obligations and, if you are like me, you hunt day in and day out seeking that thrill of smokin’ a greenhead.

I put my Beretta A400 Xtreme through hell, rain, sleet, snow, hurricane or just flat outflipping my boat over due to a village idiot in the front who can’t sit still. I can say that about one of my best friends who is on my pro staff. Great guy, but when God said “brains” he thought he said “Trains” and begin to scream “All Aboard!” He is about as useless as a pocket in your underwear. Anyway, that is why I love Beretta: because I can put those guns through anything and they will never let me down. Never!

There is, however, a pattern of events that I perform every morning before I go to thed uck blind. Prevention is the key here. I would advise you not to wait until your gun starts jamming to break it down, clean it or lube it. Again, prevention is the key. I never break down or clean my gun during the season. Some of you may disagree with that, but it is the truth. Every morning I open my action and spray it with TruRecoil. It makes it slicker than deer guts on a door knob.

Seriously, though, I put it on my Beretta every morning as a preventative. This gives me the confidence, no matter the conditions, that my gun is going to perform day in and day out without ever jamming, sticking or breaking down. This oil separates the moisture from the metal to give you that upper edge. Most other oils lie on top of the moisture and give the hardcore duck and goose hunter no protection. I use my Beretta Xtreme for everything… boat paddle, ice breaker,cattle prod and anything else you could imagine. It works!

Now: the next time you go hunting don’t go like a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat. Spray that gun down with the lubricant of your choice, and do it right. Success is often defined by 14 inches: the distance from your brain to your heart. For more information please visit my website and find us on Facebook.


  1. Works fine if the temperature is reasonable, but I think so Zero Degree WX might give problems with that much lube.
    I own several Beretta's but don't use them in the duck blind, where I'm partial to pump guns. If the stock is not wood, just remove the barrel and dunk the action in mineral spirits, slosh it around and shake dry. Gets rid of powder/debris and leaves a very thin coat of oil from the mineral spirits. Should work for auto loaders as well.

  2. I have a Beretta 390 Ducks Unlimited edition - I retired it a couple of years ago and I only use it at the trap club - I replaced it with a Super Black Eagle II - breaks down in moments & cleans so easily I clean & lube it after every hunt - I hunt Saskatchewan well into November and have yet to have a problem jamming in the cold - it also opens up a good hole in the ice when necessary. Sorry Beretta (n.b. Benelli is a Beretta subsidiary) I know you're the top of line gun but Benelli is just a little more utilitarian match for me.