Friday, January 13, 2012

Four Folks who Changed History and Chose Beretta

by - guest contributor

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A lot can get done on a name alone and when you’ve been making guns (or doing anything) as long as Beretta has, you tend to realize the value of this. That’s why we’re looking at a couple big names that changed the world but when it came to shooting, chose Berettas:


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  2. The .25 is a wonderful assassin's weapon. It fires a sub-sonic round (easily silenced) and is a little bit superior to the .22 that many true assassin's prefer. The major problem is in the choice of bullet (the part that does the work): FMJ bullets are pretty useless and most SMJ hollow points will not penetrate a heavy leather jacket (which is why assassin's typically carry an extra weapon). But, if you do your homework, a .25 is a great personal defense firearm and I recommend the Beretta M25 for non-assassins. Be sure to let your attacker get right in your face, then place the muzzle under the attacker's chin and start pulling the trigger.