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Matteo Recanatini
Matteo is the Web & Social Media Manager at Beretta. Born and raised in Italy, Matteo came to United States in the early 1990s and has been with Beretta since 1999, covering different marketing roles. His areas of expertise include Beretta history, Beretta product and marketing.

Keith Hollar
From Whittier, CA, Keith has been shooting since the age of 12, which translates into over 20 years of pulling the trigger.  He currently lives in La Mirada, CA with his wife, Kim. In his "day job", Keith is a telecom analyst for a credit union. While Keith's main area of expertise is centered on handguns, he has a fair experience with rifles and is just getting into clay and wing shooting.  I’ve also done lots of reloading and a small amount of gunsmithing.  He also writes for the cigar blog The Tiki Bar Online.
Main Area of Expertise: Handguns, target and combat shooting

Phil McNaughton
Born and raised in South Central PA and resides in Carlisle, PA.  Phil holds a BA in Advertising and Public Relations from Penn State University, and is currently employed as a pricing analyst in the construction materials industry.  His passion for shooting developed at a young age.  As he got older, he became very interested in handguns, and took up pistol shooting as a hobby. Later in life, Phil was introduced to practical pistol competition via TV and the internet, and have been hopelessly addicted to it ever since, shooting IDPA matches, and soon after becoming involved in USPSA pistol and multi-gun competition. Today, Phil shoots roughly 15,000 rounds a year through his Beretta pistols at local, regional, and national matches.  Phil holds an Expert classification in IDPA Stock Service Pistol and a B classification is USPSA Production.  He is also an NROI certified Range Officer.
Main Area of Expertise: Handguns & practical shooting competition

Austin Selph
Austin is a 20-year old Allen, Texas native currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Mass Communication with a minor in Business Administration. He currently resides in Arkadelphia, Arkansas where he enjoys hunting, fishing, clay shooting, two-stepping, and long walks on the beach. Austin is in a constant pursuit of the elusive white-tail buck deer, which he considers his lifelong adversary. Have a question? Take off that safety and fire away!

Carrie Lightfoot

Adam Brassfield

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