Friday, January 4, 2013

Things that go crash in the night...

The word 'gun' conjures up different images, depending on who is thinking it. We think of guns as tools of the trade, as hunting implements, as devices for our hobbies.


  1. And one shot from my 444 would have ended it without the drama.

  2. This "story" pisses me off, and I dont believe a word of it. Any bear will do its best to run like hell to get away if loud noises are heard. Most do not rear and try to attack.... Total ignorance here.

    1. scflower1, you must be a city slicker. Spend some time in the woods goof ball. watch a little news, people are chewed up by bears and it's not as rare as you think. total ignorance here is a correct statement but on your part. do you think the authorities would not validate this kill?