Sunday, November 6, 2011

My first time with Beretta

(by Aaron Spuler - guest contributor)

I was introduced to the Beretta 92FS by Lieutenant John McClane during the holdup at the Nakatomi Plaza in 1988 (Die Hard). I was eleven at the time. I'd shot plenty of guns on a fairly regular basis with my uncle, but my firearms knowledge was not that large. I did, however, know what I liked. The Beretta 92FS was a highlight of the film. Who can forget the scene at the end when John has it taped to his shoulders and shouts “Happy trails, Hans” as he pulls the 92FS out and takes down the last two terrorists?

I was reacquainted with the Beretta 92FS three years ago while taking the Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing course. Another individual at the course had a Beretta 92FS and achieved a perfect score during the live fire exercise. I told myself then that I would get a Beretta 92FS of my own one day...

I have to say that the 92FS is my favorite handgun to shoot out of all that I own. I have trained my wife on all of my handguns, and the Beretta 92FS has become her favorite as well.

What was your introduction to Beretta?


  1. I too was introduced to Beretta with the movie Die Hard. It certainly left an impression on me; when I was shopping around for a semi-auto of my own the Beretta kept popping up. I like the way it feels in the hand, I like the way it shoots, and it looks excellent.

    *Oh, for the record, the Pistol in Die hard was a 92F, rather than a 92FS. (no enlarged hammer pin 'slide retention device', which is what makes an FS, an FS).

  2. My first center fire gun was (is) a Beretta 92FS. Many guns later, it's still my favorite.

  3. Wow, what an introduction to centerfire guns. Can't get much better than that.

  4. My first time shooting a Beretta was the PX4 Storm. I purchased one for my own after that experience. I later shot the 92FS and I have to say that I liked it but not nearly as much as the PX4 storm and the 90two. The 90two is a solid pistol and has a nicer (in my opinion) ergonomic grip.

  5. My first experience with Beretta was with a 92f. I got it back in 1989. I don't know how many rounds i have fired through it but the finish has worn thin on the barrel and the front sight needs to be repainted but the pistol keeps right on firing without any malfunctions. What a great firearm.

  6. I have wanted a 92FS for years but the 92A1 is what I bought. The third 17 round mag and the accessory rail was too much to pass up.