Friday, May 25, 2012

Impressions From A Gun Show Virgin

by Carrie Lightfoot - Guest Contributor

Here are some simple impressions and a few questions from a gun show virgin:

There are not too many women at gun shows.... Yet!

I didn’t get strange looks for walking around with a gun on my hip.

I did get curious looks for being a woman cruising the aisles.

It is oddly comfortable and comforting being surrounded by guns, ammo and gun loving people!

I have no difficulty believing the recent Gallop Poll that said 47% of homes in the US have a firearm. They were all at the show!
You can wear ANYTHING you want to a gun show and I mean anything.  
Fully grown adult males actually will pin handwritten signs on scraps of paper on themselves! 
What are all those little parts filling the tiny bins on so many tables?
Gun lovers are really nice and patient people.
The people watching doesn’t get any better.
There are many “interesting characters” at gun shows.  
Bring a cart with wheels - everything is VERY heavy.
Buy your ammunition on your way out!
Going to a gun show is like going to the humane society. There are so many guns that need good homes. You MUST leave with one.
You see the wildest T-shirts for sale and on the visitors.
I didn’t expect to see machetes and Gothic swords - but they were fascinating.
The collector firearms are amazing.
The military historic paraphernalia is sobering.
I want one of those huge rounds in my home. I don’t know what they are - but they are really big, very heavy and very cool!
I like the sound of stun guns.
Nothing beats a hot dog, a Coke and a stadium full of firearms.

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  1. I took my wife to the last gun show I went to. It was her first time to go to one too. We were looking for a concealed carry gun for her. Plus I needed someone to help carry my guns around sot that worked out nicely.

    She had a good time. A lot of your observations remind me of her comments. Like you, she was one of the few ladies attending. However being as pretty as she is, she helped distract the guys that I was trying to deal with. Towards the end she even started haggling with them.

    All in all, she had a good time and while she might not be as eager to go to the next one as I am, I think that she has caught the bug and will be going back with me to some of the shows.