Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why do I shoot Beretta?

by Adam Brassfield - Pro Staff Contributor

As I travel all over the country I get asked the same question time and time again: "Why do you shoot Beretta?" While there are other logical questions to ask, such as "why does a bear poop in the woods," or "why does a Lion chase a gazelle," or "why does it take air to breath," I am a redneck and this is the best I can come up with. As a professional duck hunter I demand the best firearm made. One that can go through the nastiest conditions, the toughest storms and the roughest elements. Now, I understand those who shoot certain guns because their grandfather shot it or their mom baked it but the difference between us is I HUNT EVERY DAY!! I have to be able to depend on a gun that outlasts even me.

The common answer to most hardcore duck hunters is that they bought the gun and now they display the sticker on the back window of their truck. Let me just say this: tough hunts don't last, but tough guns do. That is why I shoot Beretta, and the fact that I would rather jump bare foot off a 6-foot step ladder into a 5 gallon bucket of porcupines than to shoot another waterfowl shotgun. I would challenge every waterfowl hunter to take the Xtreme challenge: go to your local gun dealer and shoot the knew Beretta A400 Xtreme and then tell me that your other gun is better. By the way this blog prohibits liars.

In closing, I just want to say that all duck and goose hunters work hard for the equipment they purchase and, like most hunters, not everyone can purchase a shotgun in today's market. However, I would much rather spend my hard-earned money on the best - and I mean the best - waterfowl shotgun EVER made than to go hunting like a bird dog trying to point in a field full of elephants. Again, I am a full believer that the new Beretta Xtreme is the best gun money can buy and I would not be caught dead without one in my hands.

Adam Brassfield is a guest contributor for the Beretta Blog. He can be reached on Facebook.

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  1. Sorry man - you gotta be more persuasive than this to convince me to give up my SBE2

    1. Hey Alan, the only thing I can say is I owned a SBE2 and it can't even come close to the new A400 Xtreme. I'm not saying that you don't have a good gun. I have hunted every day in every condition for over 10 years and for many of those years SBE and SBE2 was all there was to be heard of in the waterfowl world. Well, there is a NEW Sheriff in town and I can guarantee with every conviction in my body that Beretta makes the best auto loading shotgun in the World. That is just my humble opinion. This is not an insult or an accusation it is just a simple FACT. I personally strive for excellence in life and that is why I shoot an excellent firearm. Choosing anything less would be a distant second to me and my team. Thanks Alan for the comment and good hunting.

  2. Thanks - fully respect your opinion - I shoot beretta silver pigeon on sporting clays and have 20 ga sub guage tubes for it on the skeet range - I also have a 28 ga beretta swilver pigeon I use for skeet and ruffed & sharptail grouse. I used to shoot the beretta 390 DU edition and while it was a very fine gun - I was mesmorized by the SBE II the first time I brought it to my shoulder - it seemed almost apart of my body as I took a bead on theose greenheads settling into the decoys - I breaks down easy for cleaning and has yet to let me down - that it fits so well, so much better than the 390 ever did is why I can't give it up,

  3. You have a very good point. I am talking about the new A400 Xtreme. It is a much superior gun. Great talk and good luck next season.