Saturday, December 17, 2011

Embarking On A Waterfowl Journey

(by Brad Wilson - guest contributor)

It was a warm September morning. The sun was due up in a couple of hours, and what we like to call “The Rebirth of an Addiction” was about to take place. The boat was parked in a cane break that harbored what we would soon find out to be a waterfowler’s dream. About an hour to legal shooting time, we decided to go ahead and throw out the decoys and get set up. The spread was going to be large and very inviting. We had just over 15 dozen blocks of various species tossed out and bobbing up and down with every ripple of the salt water beneath them. As time grew nearer, the feeling inside was comparable to your first kiss but with a slight difference. See, this feeling was familiar but never ceases to change when this time of year rolls around. It is a feeling that you have been looking forward to since the last day of the previous season, and it is something that non-hunters could never understand. An addiction. A feeling. A passion. The morning ended with full straps of Blue Wing Teal and little did we know was a true sign of things to come.

My name is Brad Wilson, and I am just your average Joe that grew up in an industrial town just outside of Houston, Texas called Baytown. I was raised as an outdoorsman by an outdoorsman. My dad was an avid deer hunter and we shared many cool Texas mornings in a deer stand in the piney woods of deep East Texas chasing that elusive wall hanger that so many have a yearning for. It wasn’t until the age of 21 that I was introduced to waterfowl hunting by a really close friend that I worked with. Matt is still like a brother to me, and we are blessed to be able to get out in the field together a few times a season. From then on there was no looking back. I have hunted ducks and geese all along the Texas Coast every season since. I am also an avid fisherman and will get a line wet every chance I get whether it is chasing speckled trout and redfish in Trinity Bay or black bass and crappie on Lake Sam Rayburn. I have an extremely understanding, beautiful, and loving wife, 2 awesome sons that I share my passion for the outdoors with religiously, and 2 labrador retrievers that are not only my duck dogs but family as well. I shoot a Beretta A400 Xtreme, have recently been drawn to reloading my own shells, and run a JB Custom duck call on a Cut Em Custom Lanyard that I made myself. God, family, my country, hunting, fishing, and guns are the things in life that I love in that very order with the last three running hand in hand with each other.

I was very blessed to be asked to write for the Beretta USA Blog, and I look forward to sharing as I “Embark On A Waterfowl Journey” over the next few months. I hope you enjoy!


  1. I enjoyed reading your first blog and can't wait to hear some more on the A400 xtreme. Take some pics when you are out on your Duck blind.

  2. You can definitely expect to see some pictures and video from the blind with my A400 Xtreme!

  3. Enjoyed the story Brad.

  4. I'll give you a Baserri when i get back from mississippi if you will donate that beretta to the bay as a reef. Other than that....good write up buddy and shoot me some dux, cus im stuck in this signal yard building a rig for the rest of season.


  5. ^^^ hahahahahaha

    hey brad you gonna let me shoot a couple of ducks (or i should say shoot at) at B&C? :D

    nice write up! cant wait to read more from your blog!

  6. I'll be interested in seeing how you do. If you'd like to see a brief photo essay about a chocolate Lab, a Beretta 3901 (hey, money doesn't grow on trees, and it runs great!), and some Nebraska pheasant and sharptail, go here:

  7. Funny you say that about money not growing on trees, Dave. I have another entry I am working on right now asking what hunting is really all about for you as a hunter.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  8. Hey brad I hope this is the right blog from Facebook. Anyways a little background on my self I have been hunting waterfowl for 31 years. Have my own blog ( timber to prairie waterfowl) I have a house in Canada and a duck club in southern California. I have 4 state calling championships under my belt and have used beretta firearms for 30 years. Friends with Tom Forbes who used to rep beretta I hunt on average 110 days per year so if you and beretta ever need help I would say I have an extensive background in waterfowl. Love your blog great job. And I love beretta. Friends also with bolsa gunsmithing how do you become a pro staff contributer I would love to help you guys. Thanks Shawn